Transactional Funding – only 1.99% NATIONWIDE!

Are you closing a real estate deal, where you anticipate a back to back closing? You are buying, and selling immediately to another party? Wouldn’t it be great to get 100% of the cash you need to BUY, then sell, make your profit and move on? Trustar Funding makes that easy, at the lowest rates imaginable! Only 1.99% FLAT FEE! Buy a house for $50k. We put up ALL of the $50k, and all you pay is $995.00! We know you can find plenty of deals to buy for 50, and sell for 60, 65, even 75k. NOW YOU CAN DO THEM ALL – with OUR MONEY!!! Give us a call today at 216-531-5310, or visit our website at mention the blog, ’cause the rates on our website are much higher!

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